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The starting of mutually beneficial cooperation

The starting of mutually beneficial cooperation

Dear guests of the ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED company official website!
We are glad to present to your attention the new online investment program which has been created on a website platform by team of our company.

Online investment never was before such convenient, transparent and profitable!
We are ready to provide up to 3.33% of the created investments amount on the most long-term basis and are ready to give to our investors new and additional opportunities of active earnings!

You will be able to earn actively up to 13% the investments, which have been created by your partners on three levels in depth of your partner system!

You do not even need to create investment to have an opportunity to use our partner solutions! Just register the personal account, get a unique referral link and start to invite new participants in our program, steadily earning on invitations.
Having joined our online investment program, you will be able to open for yourself new sides of the passive earnings based on successful trading of our company on the stock exchanges and Forex.

Enclosing safety and professional effective management of investments it is the ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED.
Welcome to the new world of the online investments!

Security market


Dear investors and guests of the website!

We bring to your attention the brief summary of security market based on statistics and analytics of the international monitoring services.

As of to 25-05-2017 the downward tendency of volatility of the main quotations began to be looked through accurately that can significantly influence final statistics of biddings on the basic futures contracts.
At the same time positive dynamics still remains, that gives a positive trend for our business.
Yours faithfully, ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED team.

The real estate market is growing


Dear investors and guests of the website!

Due to growth tendencies which show certain sectors of the real estate market, analysts of the company have been the decision to concentrate efforts on a trading in shares of the construction companies showing the stable growing for the last quarter. It will give new positive aspect of dynamic of the company’s profit increasing and will allow to create the new volume of turnover, significantly having strengthened positions of the company at the share stock trading market.
Yours faithfully, ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED team.

Strategy at the Forex market


Dear investors and guests of the website!

We inform you that in association with world increasing in demand for the main currency reserves, we apply certain measures for stabilization of strategic directions of he company’s trading at the Forex market.

In particular, we increased trade turnover on such currencies as USD and EUR and, according to our analysts, these measures quite enough for complete stabilization of situation and ensuring complete the transactions safety.
Yours faithfully, ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED team.

Improvement of the trading strategy


Dear investors and guests of the website!

Due to growth of the investment volumes, the management of the company has been made the decision about some changes of our trading strategy. Now we can performs more large expansion at the Forex market, exerting impact on tendencies of changing of quotations of the currency pairs interesting us.

These measures will positively affect profit level and will allow us to increase our trading potential.
Yours faithfully, ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED team.