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General questions


In what is consists in the essence of the company’s business?

ELLINGTON FINANCE LIMITED – the British trading investment company which has embodied and successfully realized in its business the idea about combination of high digital technologies with intellectual potential of successful traders in the single effective trading mechanism which capable to generate profit successfully regardless of circumstances and confidently creating the most favorable conditions for potential investors from around the world.

How is safely the company’s website usage?

In order to initiate security and stability of system in full, we use modern methods of SSL encryption of the EV SSL type from the COMODO company which the world leader of such technologies. Your data under no circumstances can’t read by the unauthorized users.

How long the company plans to work?

Our business grows and develops for three years. But we only at the beginning of this way. Therefore, we plan to create and increase presence of the company for many years.

Financial questions

In what days are performed accruals according to investment offers?

Accruals are performed on calendar days.

What profitability of investment offers?

You will be able to get up to 3.33% of net profit from the created investments.

Can I create at the same time several investments on the same investment offer?

No. By the same investment offer it is possible to create one investment at the same time.

What minimum and maximum amount of investment?

Range of investments varies from $25 to $150000.

What minimum and maximum amount which I can withdraw?

Minimally you can withdraw $0.1, the maximum amount for withdrawal conclusion isn’t established.

What payment systems can be used at investing?

You can use the following payment systems:
Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer.

How much time it will be required to system for processing of my payment request?

Payments are performing in the “Instant” mode. However, we can process any payment request up to 24 hours, in cases if there were arise the circumstances, having interfered to the instant payments which there are out of control of the company.

Whether the fees on financial transactions are charged?



How much can I earn additionally in the investment program?

You can study about partner solutions for ordinary investors, and also for representatives of the company, having passed into the “Partnership” section.

Whether I will be able to use partner solutions of the company, without having investment in the program?


How many can I create of the personal accounts in the program?

You can create only one active personal account. The “active personal account” is an account with which using has been created at least one investment in the program.

Whether is it possible to change an upline?

Yes. Make a request about your upline changing in support.

Where is located my referral link, and banners also?

You will find all above-mentioned things in advertising materials of your personal account.

How to get the “Representative” status?

In more detail about it you can learn, having read the “Partnership” section.

Technical questions

Withdrawals of the earned percentage by investments, and partner rewards also can be performed only to the same payment system, that has been used during these investments creation?


Whether is it possible to terminate the contract ahead early?


Whether is it possible to remove the account?


How can I recover the password?

You have contact the support.

Can I change the payment requisites?

Yes. To make it, you have contact the support.

Can I change e-mail?

Yes. To make it, you have contact the support.

What is the working schedule of support and possibilities of contact with support?

You can use online chat, feedback, the Telegram messenger, and to call us also.

Our support works round the clock.